Venue Management

OVG Facilities provides unmatched services that make a difference, whether it is securing entertainment content, identifying and correcting operating inefficiencies, or designing and implementing policies and procedures, and providing critical staff training. Our services produce tangible results that ultimately add to your bottom line and overall guest experience. OVG’s 360° platform delivers not only an unrivaled experience but also an unmatched value for clients.

The OVG Facilities team has decades of experience addressing and solving every challenge a venue might face. We work with venue owners and operators to develop customized solutions and provide services that will have the greatest impact and value. Core competencies include booking, sales, marketing, hospitality, event coordination and management, service contract negotiation and oversight, sponsorship sales, premium seating sales and service, and third-party contract management evaluation.

Every venue, market, and venue owner is unique; each has different characteristics, missions, and goals. Therefore, OVG Facilities believes each venue requires and deserves customized strategies and solutions to maximize its success. This customized approach is our core principle.

OVG Facilities offers management services that include:

  • Event Booking & Scheduling
  • Event & Venue Marketing
  • Event Coordination & Management
  • Operations Assessment & Efficiency Recommendations
  • Front of House & Security Assessments
  • Service Contract Evaluation/Negotiation/Oversight
    • + Ticketing
    • + Food & Beverage
    • + Front of House Staffing
    • + Parking
    • + Merchandise
    • + Maintenance
  • Emergency Policies & Procedures Development and Implementation
  • Pre-Opening Services
  • Operations and Back of House Management
  • VIP & Hospitality Programs
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Premium Seating Sales & Service
  • Finance & Accounting Management
  • Convention & Meeting Sales and Services
  • Box Office Management
  • Third Party Contract Management Evaluation

Event Programming

OVG Facilities Event Programming Services are aimed at enhancing the existing event schedule of your venue. Our clients include venue owners AND management staff. We will work with the existing management team to enhance the event schedule, while not competing with existing promoters and events. These services are applicable for all types of venues including:

  • Arenas
  • University Venues
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters and Performing Arts Centers
  • Amphitheaters
  • Festival Venues

OVG Facilities will not just give advice on how to be more successful programming events, we will secure events for our clients. OVG Facilities can provide all the services necessary for a successful event:

  • Establish booking goals that meet the client's’ objectives
  • Clearly understand the market’s demographics and demand for events
  • Create an aggressive event booking campaign aimed at attracting new events with a diverse schedule for all market segments
  • Secure an event promoter (if necessary)
  • Event Production coordination
  • Event Financial settlement
  • Assist with marketing and promotions to maximize ticket and sponsorship sales
  • Develop strategies to increase ancillary revenue streams to maximize event profitability

Once an event is programmed, maximizing ticket sales becomes the magnet for future events. OVG Facilities will work with the venue management team to develop marketing initiatives that promote ticket sales and attendance to create profitable events and, therefore, develop repeat business. These initiatives include developing:

  • Media partnerships that produce promotional support that drives ticket sales
  • Customer database development to market future events to potential ticket buyers
  • Social media campaigns
  • Public relations plans

Venue Assessment

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Front of House & Security Assessment

The OVG Facilities Front of House & Security Assessment evaluates the aspects of the guest experience that are controllable in an effort to help venues improve both guest experience and safety. Our program not only provides a detailed analysis of the guest experience at each venue, but also provides recommendations on how to improve operational efficiencies in your front of house and security operations.

Unlike many “secret shopper” programs, OVG Facilities employees performing the assessments are veteran venue managers with over 70 years of combined experience in operating and managing sports and entertainment venues.

We will prepare a venue score by category assessing the venue’s front of house and security operations from the perspective of experienced venue operators. Our extensive venue experience allows us to analyze and provide detailed and applicable insight on the overall operation from a venue manager's point of view.

The OVG Facilities Front of House & Security Assessment can be customized to focus on specific areas or can be comprehensive to give a venue an understanding of the guest’s experience from the start of the night to the end of the night. The ‘driveway to driveway’ evaluation will provide detailed information about the following areas of operation:

Traffic & Parking
Patron Flow Ingress/Egress
Box Office & Ticketing
Front of House Staff
Concessions Staff and F&B Presentation
Merchandise Areas
Guest Services
Venue Cleanliness and Presentation

Operations Assessments

The sports and entertainment industry is constantly changing and, therefore, venues need to be always adapting to be successful. Operation assessments are often necessary to ensure a venue is operating as efficiently as possible. Operation assessments include a review and recommendations in a variety of areas:

Facility evaluation for hosting events
Current programming/scheduling of events benchmarking compared to similar venues
Sales, marketing, advertising, promotions, and group ticket sales operations
Event management
Front of house and back of house

Booking and scheduling
License Agreements (event rental contract)
Rental rates and service fees
Show producer’s guide
Alcohol policies
House policies (rules and regulations of usage)

Upon completion of the assessments, OVG Facilities can create a customized comprehensive Operations Manual that will be a guideline for the venue’s staff for providing quality management and service.

Security and
Emergency Preparedness

With well-publicized violence, severe weather and accidents in a variety of public venues, and ongoing political unrest, it is imperative for all public assembly venues to have an up to date comprehensive Venue Emergency Response Plan (VERP) to ensure the safety of the customers at a venue. Additionally, given the media coverage of these events, a venue without a proper VERP will have no excuse for not being prepared and may have significant legal exposure.

A comprehensive VERP will reduce risk, provide a safe environment for the venue’s customers and staff and reduce the owner’s exposure to litigation. OVG Facilities will provide and/or coordinate:

  • Policy development
  • Emergency Response Handbook for all venue employees
  • Employee training in crowd management and emergency response
  • Conduct Table-Top exercises with local emergency response entities
  • Organize effective fire drill(s)